Medical Services

In 2023, Haeruek Trading successfully established the first Korean medical examination center, K MEDIWELL, in Uzbekistan. Through supplying and managing domestic medical equipment and systems, a strong alliance with Uzbekistan was established. Utilizing this foundation, Haeruek Trading is at the forefront of remote reading and diagnosis by Korean medical professionals, actively attracting local patients to domestic medical institutions and promoting the excellence of Korean healthcare.

As Uzbekistan's overall medical standards significantly lag behind, Haeruek Trading is committed to providing Uzbek citizens  opportunities to directly access advanced Korean medical technology via Korean medical examination techniques and systems. We also emphasize the importance of routine health screenings and seek to improve awareness within the Uzbekistani population.

In the future, Haeruek Trading, in close partnership with K MEDIWELL, will not only lead the improvement of medical services in Uzbekistan but also actively strive to attract patients from across Central Asia to domestic medical institutions.

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