A company that welcomes change

We will always remain flexible so that 

we can quickly respond to global changes. 

Furthermore, we will do our best to try to predict

upcoming changes and respond to it in advance.

Haeruek that values people

Our most valuable asset is our people including our 

employees and customers like our slogan “customer is king.” 

We will always do our best to grow together with our people.

Haeruek that gives customers trust

We will build trust with our customers by providing superior qualityproducts and services at a competitive price and realizing values that are important to our customers.

Haeruek that contributes

to the local community

We will do our best to make positive contributions to the local

community through active social contribution activities and

become Haeruek that grows together with the local community.

Business License : 408-81-19454
Address : 462, Yeokgok-ro 3th floor, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Republic of Korea

 TEL : +82-032-678-1199

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